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I'm a full-stack web devloper working mostly with Ruby and JavaScript. When not traversing the stack, I'm an insatiable reader, an avid soccer fan, a social gamer, a mediocre photographer, and a fair-weather cyclist.
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Portfolio/ 2017-07-20 Both completed and in-progress

Basira is a quantitative finance and technology company. Their web presence is a light Sinatra app to store and serve index values that are displayed with a custom Chart.js graph.

Mira is a life insurance brokerage that uses insurance APIs in order to provide a wide range of quotes.

It is built on a Rails back end, which interfaces with the SOAP insurance API, then returns the quotes to a React front end.

Curate is a the first social media app designed for the Fine Artist. Built on Rails with a Semantic UI frontend and an API layer that interacts with an iOS app.

Alameda is a neighborhood in Quito, Ecuador. The municipal Instutite of Heritage conducted a study of the neighborhood for the UN's Habitat 3 Conference, held in Quito in 2016. The results of the study were presented in this informational website.

Vive Alameda was built with HTML, CSS, and JS.

Team Draft League is a tournament tracker with a robust Ruby on Rails back-end to create leagues, schedules, and track both player and team data. Advanced functionality restricted to registered users.

See TDL on Github.

Hipsters of the Coast is a Brooklyn-based Magic: the Gathering blog. Built on Wordpress with PHP and JavaScript. Handles 30,000+ visitors/month.

Developed features and bug fixes for Casthaven, an e-commerce application for buying and selling Magic: the Gathering cards. Casthaven is built with Ruby on Rails and Angular.js.

SPORTSWIRE is the best way to stay on top of news about New York sports. Built on Rails and JavaScript with heavy use of the Twitter API.

Screentexture is a tool for creating playlists of video clips and looping them back without their original context.

Screentexture is built with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, and utilizes the YouTube and Chromecast APIs.

Built a responsive landing page and job listings for Thirtylabs using Middleman.

Updated Rockport's homepage, built homepage modules, and developed various landing pages.

Developed Jirafe's company page, blog, and "Get Started" questionnaire.

Built the back-end and API for RallyFlix, a Product Hunt-style movie screening platform, using Ruby on Rails and Grape.

Updated and developed user questionnaires, search pages and results, user sign up and login, user profiles, etc. Built on

Twitter Fragments is an application that visualizes the fragmentation of conversations on Twitter using D3.js and JSON.

See twttrfrgmnts on Github.

Technologies/ Just now
  • Ruby on Rails
  • API design
  • Heroku
  • JavaScript
  • React/Redux
  • Node
  • Ember
  • Acceptance, integration, and unit testing.
  • Responsive and mobile design
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Python
  • AWS